Consequently, the first record always consists of 24 bytes 23 characters followed by a newline. If you experienced so problems with the testing procedures, or if you are porting apcupsd to another system, or you are simply curious, you may want to know exactly what is going on during the shutdown process. You can either use the cable that came with your UPS the easiest if we support it or you can make your own cable. You should be able to restart your virtual machine with no problems now. If you want to build the apcupsd-gapcmon package add:.

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It is basically a hotplug system, giving a lot more power to the user to determine what happens when a device is probed or opened. Apcupsd then requests the UPS to shut off the power killpower.

However, in this case, please be aware that you must ensure proper shutdown of your machine if necessary.

The device name is not defined on your system. As wigh consequence, in the event of a power failure, the UPS and thus apcupsd can report a runtime of 5 minutes remaining when in fact only one minute remains. As long as your server has the Answerbook2 web server installed and running, you can insert the cgi scripts into the cgi directory of the web server, and access the cgi using something like:.

APCUPSD User Manual

The two most likely causes of your problem are: But if your normal ID has an environment setup for using the C compiler, it’s simpler to do that than to set up root to have the correct environment. APC recommends performing a runtime calibration only annually, semiannually, or whenever the load on the UPS is increased.


Item 1 will probe the UPS for all values known to apcupsd and present them in rather raw format. Other versions of gcc from other sources may also work. To circumvent this problem, simply enter the address as an IP address rather than a hostname, or alternatively, ensure that you have a valid DNS server configured on your system. If you still need help, send a message to the apcupsd users’ email list apcupsd-users lists.

At Kern’s site, running Red Hat 7. The alert is audible rapid beepingvisual flashing battery LED or LEDsand readable through the graphical interface of PowerChute plus software or a native UPS shutdown program within a particular operating system.

APCUPSD User Manual

The slaves just do whatever the master says, whenever the master says to. For the NIS client computer, you will have a configuration that looks something like what follows. To accomplish this execute one of the following commands as root depending on your distribution, RedHat, SuSE or Mandriva, respectively:. To add additional monitors, you can right-click an existing icon and choose “Add Monitor”.

Hardware companies often think like this — they lock up interfaces by instinct, cornering a small market rather than growing a bigger one. Some common things you’ll see:.

The net result, is that in those situations hiddev is completely unusable so apcupsd will not work. There are two shutdown parameters that must be set in the SNMP card to thzt that connected servers shutdown quietly. The green LED next to the button is a sensitivity setting indicator – brightly lit is “high” sensitivity, dimly lit is “medium”, and off is “low” sensitivity.


Please note that nett files specified above assume the default installation locations. However, in two cases, it can be very useful to use syslog to write this information. SUSE systems are fully supported, and by following the standard installation instructions given above, you should experience few or no problems.

In one case, a user reported that he received random incorrect values from the UPS in the status output. At this point, you should ensure that apcupsd is handling the connection to the UPS correctly. This should solve the problem.

This situation is not harmful just annoying and possibly confusing. If the low battery signal warning time is set for 2 minutes, then the alerts lknux activate simultaneously two minutes prior to shutdown.

We do not have access to every version of Solaris, but we believe this file will be almost identical on every version. If you do not know what cable you have, you can use the apctest program to determine the type of the cable. To use their shutdown program rather than the apcupsd supplied version, you simply edit:. Depending on whether or not you thah hotplug working, you may need to explicitly load the kernel modules usbserial and pl To customize, suppodts create a file with the same name as the action, which is passed as a command line argument.