So long as the drivers suited my swing, they were great. In this experiment I take a Callaway Fusion driver and cover the face in petroleum jelly to see if it increases So that is it, no more than a for a driver. Cleveland hb classics 2 for 7 bucks. Chad Sugden – 1 year ago. Antoine Steeghs – 1 year ago.

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Steven Bourque – 1 year ago.

The Indians are always trying to buy a more accurate arrow. Huge fan of these three. This is exactly the content i was looking for from you Rick, Yes!

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There’s just no way to be sure. I would like to know if old irons 4 or 5 years old really do lose backspin due to ageing. David Waters – 1 year ago. Segelmange – 1 year ago. I trimazs loads of money and am just as happy!

Great vid BTW, Rick. Quality Aldila reg flex graphite shaft all in good order. John Kane – 1 year ago. LB – 1 year ago. Hi rick, great test and I’ve still got my R11 I got custom fitted years ago which does a pretty good job for me, but I’m in the boat of coming back to golf and looking at newer clubs.


These are all cash purchases. I bought my 3 wood, 5 wood, and hybrid 2nd hand So that is it, no more than a for a driver. This report confirms that I no longer have the physical ability to take advantage of the new technologies so a top grade second driver can provide me with good results and allow me to use my saved dollars to play more golf as you stated.

Want to hear about my bargain golf set? Always buy used drivers. I picked that up for about dollars. It should be about the best fit for you rather than the most expensive clubs being the best buy.


When it comes to driver Ive wasted too much money on used clubs, recent fitting made a huge difference but thats because it was fit for me and massively reduced the spin which I need if my swing was better then maybe a used club would perform similar. Connor Ross – 1 year ago.


Ryan Maddox – 1 year ago. Dave Banta Butler – 1 year ago. Rick, first let me say how beenross I appreciate your videos. There are many great older clubs that can save a golfer money. trimas

It makes you think about the shots you’re making more. I’d like to see you test the budget drivers just so we can see the real frimass. Brendon Kelly – 1 year ago. Whatever gives you that confidence when looking down on benoss ball is what I would go with. And the rest individually. You could probably pick one of those up for under 50 pounds. Kevin Dodd – 1 year ago. Year does not matter I hit my old callaway BB2 tour pro from aboutcarry, compared to my x2hot which I hit shorter but more consistent.