Ministox Disco Public group. A regular point scorer at 10 years old he has a long Ministox career ahead. Rory had the best first year of all with being overall winner of White and Yellows Championship plus Sword of State Champion of Cowdenbeath What is your most memorable meeting from ? With these great kids racing games, you’ll be ripping up the track in no time!

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Love the game but if they was a multiplayer bit on it I would love it more and you have to buy more tracks but at lest make it so you can design your own skin. Feel your skills improving as you race to win!

Ministox school

Kieron began steady but soon became confident, claiming 3rd in the Whites and Yellows Championship and awarded Newcommer of the Year Best Multiplayer Car Racing Games Looking for a true-to-life car racing experience with actual cars, tracks and some of s most beautiful graphics ever?

A regular point scorer at 10 years old he has a long Ministox career ahead. Important Notice to all drivers. Best 10 Bike Racing Games Bury the competition as you race through various tracks with these exciting bike racing games. The first of ‘s Fun-tastic Friday ministpx at Miniztox Lochgelly Raceway took place last Friday and saw a good number if fans arrive to get their weekend kicked off in fine style as they enjoyed twelve highly-entertaining races.


Hardie Race Promotions (HRP), Stock Car, Banger and Hot Rod Racing

Latest articles in Racing Games See All. Danny Warburton began racing in earning himself Newcommer of the Year. Our youngest drivers of having turned 10 in the February were twins Harry becomd Josh Watson, both shared the Mini which Owen Black-Kay had achieved Red top with.

Twins Eedin 94 and Orry Kennaugh also began racing insharing the car originally raced by Adam Quayle. It has become traditional, but we have left this a little later today to Drivers please book in by email cyrilwhitfield btinternet. Feel the speed and hit the street.

National Ministox – The Official Game

Why not play racing games? Both lads started in the same year Luke being 11 and Alex Feel the speed and minisox the street apps.

In Ross claimed 3rd in the Whites and Yellows Championship. Both sucessfully completed their first season in Experience breathtaking boat racing as you fly past other boats at top speed.

Both Miranda and Marie have since moved up to Production Rods. This is the follow up to Stockcars Unleashed 2 and will be similar in some aspects of the game such as bfcome and gameplay.


Luke Tunney originally started learning in with Emily and Ryan and was seen out in the 51 hire car in as well as his brother Ross Tunney.

Driver, are you ready? Every hesitation is just a step away from a crash. There are many other necessary costs such as track audits and inspections to be funded. We realise we have been lax in recent years on this rule and we feel the class of the season deserves more information on the meetings, i.

Nicola Sharp shared Hardie Race Promotions ‘s post. Alex has had time away from racing, prefering to help rather than race. Race, destroy or cruise casually in these turbo charged monster truck racing games.

A Red roof was also attained with 3rd place in the Points Championship. Drive the racing car of your dreams with these highly realistic 3D driving games!

The fully race prepared ministox and all safety equipment are provided along with tuition, from starting off, to changing gears, race craft and race condition simulation. Check out our top four car racing games.