All cables from the camera are flexible. This inspection item counts how many labels there are of the specified color and size and measures the area or center position of the specified label. The position offset of the entire pallet before inspection can be adjusted on the image itself, which reduces the amount of work required to increase mechanical positioning accuracy. Two important characteristics of CMOS devices are high noise immunity and low static power consumption. Thank you for your interest You now have access to Cameras A confirmation email has been sent to Continue to page.

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This enables the output of individual judgement results for each inspection, a feature that has been highly requested.

Smart Camera

Please accept our apologies and try again later. Please accept our apologies and try again later. External inspection of ICs can be completed with a single Sensor.

There is no need to select and purchase additional lighting or lenses. Please log in or get direct access to download this document. Your use of our products and services is subject to these revised terms.

Expanded performance and functionality.

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Please use more than 6 characters. Click here to reset. This type of Sensor is also useful when you want to use external illumination.

Code Readers must be able to read codes even mrom poor printing conditions.

The camera and lighting have been integrated into a single unit, so only one camera mounting bracket is required. The system automatically determines the scenes with the highest usage rates and changes cameta order to start with them to flexibly handle changes in reading conditions.

We offer a diverse lineup of Sensors so that you can choose the one with the perfect field of view and installation distance for your needs. Consequently, CMOS devices do not produce as much waste heat as other forms of logic, for example caamera logic TTL or NMOS logic, which normally have some standing current even when not changing state.

However, differences in materials often causes instability when reading the printed characters. Just install the Cameras where you need them. Americas North America Canada en fr.

Higher resolution means more image detail. A line-scan camera has a single row of pixel sensors, instead of a matrix of them.

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S Mrin Line Scan Camera. The Sensor can measure angles of rotation and other position information, so it can also be used for positioning. The model image can be automatically divided into small areas, so that tiny differences that cannot be detected with a normal search can be detected with large numerical differences. You can register up to acmera character strings in the master data and easily change the current master data with an external signal. Of course you can specify a fixed order if required.


You can opt-out of our tracking cookies by unchecking the option below. Since one transistor of the pair is always off, the series combination draws significant power only momentarily during switching between on and off states.

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The data are serialized 7: Thank you for registering An email to complete your account has been sent to Caamera to the website. Please log in or get direct access to download this document. Erosion and dilation can be combined to connect dots without changing the dot thickness. With the FQ2-S4, you can also compare against the character strings read from bar codes or 2D codes.